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School Board Assistance – IDRA Services

IDRA provides training and technical assistance to school boards and other school district leaders to support equitable policymaking, budgeting and governance.

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Our training and technical assistance is responsive to recent events impacting schools and can be tailored to meet the needs of school district leaders. School board members and other school district leaders make important decisions about budgeting, policy and educational practice in their districts. They know how important it is to ensure these decisions are made equitably, so that all students receive an excellent education.

Training and Assistance Topics

Ensuring Equitable School Finance and Budget Prioritization – How to distribute COVID-19 relief funds equitably, prioritize spending to ensure equity when budgets are cut, and address the financial implications of school closures and adjusted schedules.

Advocating for Equity – How to ensure equitable digital access, engage displaced and hard-to-reach students, embed ethnic studies in curriculum, support protests for racial equity, and foster community schools.

Enabling Inclusive Policymaking – How to build coalitions with district employees and families, leverage relationships with community-based organizations, and understand and respond to student needs.

Going Beyond Compliance to Achieve Equity – How to understand federal civil rights laws and requirements for schools, interpret the CARES Act and its guidance, and supplement state funding to ensure resources for educating special student populations.

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With an unwavering commitment to student success, IDRA services provide innovative, practical and sustainable solutions for diverse student populations based on the unique needs of each district, campus or classroom. or 210-444-1710