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Students in Technology Explorations – Moving to STEM – Services

STEM-2-STEM is IDRA’s sustainable program model that increases participation of youth, including girls and minority and economically disadvantaged students, in STEM courses by:

Integrating STEM applications in an eighth grade technology applications course;

Implementing collaborative project-based learning (PBL) in eighth grade math and science courses;

Placing students who are considered at-risk into technology and curriculum leadership roles; and

Creating a community of practice for students, teachers and mentors.

What IDRA can do for you:

STEM-2-STEM is designed to expand the curriculum and student experiences to include industry internships, coaching and mentoring of teachers, and preparation to enter STEM fields. STEM-2-STEM aligns and builds on the course objectives outlined in the TEKS.)

Services include approximate 26-30 days of professional development, training, and technical over the course of a year.


IDRA’s STEM leaders are experienced providing instructional support and collaborative coaching to teachers as they work to implement STEM integrated models for district curriculum. Our coaches work with teachers to support instructional best practices using data, analysis of schoolwide trends in instruction and identification of next steps to address areas of need. As advisors and collaborators to teachers, our staff work with instructional teams to create effective STEM learning experiences for students.