Educator and Student Support

Chapter 1: Introduction to Digital Equity

See a short introduction to digital equity, what it is and why it is important, and how schools can support students and their families in accessing the Internet and digital technologies necessary for engaging in the digital world. This is Chapter 1 of the IDRA Digital Equity – Online Technical Assistance Toolkit.

Literature Review – Digital Equity and Inclusion for Education

Research and advocacy have pinpointed the necessity of improving access to broadband and electronic devices in addition to securing research skills as part of a well-rounded education. The numerous factors surrounding digital literacy are also directly related to equity.

This literature review explores the research and data on digital access and digital audits, digital access and COVID-19, digital equity landscape post-COVID-19, digital literacy, digital citizenship, digital redlining and equity issues, and recommendations for action in general and at the state level, school level, classroom level and community level.


Digital Equity and Inclusion – A Modern-Day Civil Right Webinar

One in four people in this country do not have access to the Internet in their homes. Among those who are unable to access online networks, 12 million people live in rural areas while another 50 million live in urban areas. Access to technology and broadband Internet can have profound implications on an individual’s educational and economic success. During this session, we will explore digital equity and why it is considered by many to be a civil rights issue. We will discuss the homework gap, student engagement during COVID-19, broadband plans in your state, and how digital equity audits can assist in determining your district’s digital readiness.

Presenters: Thomas Marshall III, IDRA Education Policy Fellow; Christina Quintanilla-Muñoz, IDRA Education Policy Fellow; & Michelle Vega, IDRA Chief Technology Strategist.