Educator and Student Support

All children start learning from the time that they are in their mother’s womb. The fact that children ask many questions or are eager to touch all that they see is an expression of their readiness to receive input from the environment.

This innate willingness to learn can be nourished or weakened by childhood experiences. Successful early childhood programs take what we know from brain research and what experts understand about young children and how they learn.

Each dollar invested in quality early childhood education results in a $7 return. Because quality early education increases a child’s likelihood to do well in school, graduate high school, and attend college or job training, quality early education can increase a child’s potential earnings as an adult by up to 60%.

Semillitas de Aprendizaje™

Semillitas de Aprendizaje is a bilingual (Spanish/English) supplemental early childhood curriculum, created by IDRA, based on the art of storytelling featuring culturally-relevant stories. In addition to the classroom materials, IDRA provides customized technical assistance and training that can include: classroom demonstrations and observations, coaching for success, nurturing of innovations, and building on existing strengths. Get the flier packet (pdf). Learn more and see samples at the Semillitas de Aprendizaje website.

IDRA Early Childhood Centers of Excellence Model

An IDRA Center of Excellence is a place where all young children thrive and are ready for school. It ensures reading, cognitive and emotional success for all preschool children through a print-rich environment with appropriate accommodations for English language learners and children with disabilities. Learn more

Early Childhood Education Research

IDRA’s research for quality early education has examined its influence on the development of effective models and curricula, particularly for the youngest emergent bilingual students. Learn more

Also! Check out IDRA’s policy work on Ensuring Excellent Educational Opportunities for Emergent Bilingual Students.