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Teacher Voices about Math Smart!

Teacher Voices about Math Smart!

Hear what Math Smart! teachers are saying about changes in their classrooms

“I consider myself always a risk taker because I want to do the best for my students. When I see something interesting for the students I try it, and if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. At first, I didn’t like the idea of groups because I tried cooperative learning when I first started teaching, it was a disaster.”

– Geometry teacher in West Texas

For more teacher insights into transformations in her practice that she has made and how this has impacted student learning…

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Vie/resource-center/transformations/w these video clips of a teacher interview.

Teacher shares insights about teaching math. (01:07 min)

Teacher shares new things she has tried this year. (01:16 min)

Teacher reflects on the support she received in trying new things in her classroom. (00:42 min)

Teacher shares some obstacles she faced and additional support needed to help her teach math. (01:16 min)

Teacher shares her plans for the new school year and her students (00:45 min)