Valued Youth Partnership

Evaluation Design

Our evaluation holds IDRA and our partner schools accountable to student success – a less than 2 percent dropout rate and improved academic achievement.

The evaluation design for the Valued Youth Partnership* is one of the most rigorous and comprehensive in the country. The ongoing evaluation provides information throughout the program, allowing for adjustments to ensure quality program implementation. In addition, the pre- and post-test design includes quantitative and qualitative measures, including pre- and post-test tutor self-concept, attitudes toward school, grades in content areas, achievement test scores, disciplinary action referrals and absenteeism rates. Tutors maintain monthly journals to record reflections on their performance and on the tutoring experience. Tutors also evaluate their field trips and guest speakers.

Formal classroom observations of the tutors are conducted at least twice during the school year, once by the teacher coordinators and once by IDRA staff members. At the end of the school year, IDRA staff interview two tutors from each school to document the tutors’ reflections on the tutoring experience (names are changed to provide confidentiality).

“This past month, I helped my tutees continue to read beyond their level, inspired them to know that school is something great, and showed them there are people who care.”
– high school tutor

At the end of the year, elementary school teachers complete surveys on each of their tutors. In addition, parents are surveyed at the end of the tutoring year to assess their perceptions of the program’s impact on their children. Teacher coordinators are surveyed before and after the program for their perceptions of the tutors’ self-concept; personal goals; relationship with peers, family and school staff; hygiene and dress. Elementary school teachers complete similar surveys for all tutees before and after the school year.

*formerly named the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program