Who We Are


IDRA’s logo expresses our drive to secure excellent education for every child.

As IDRA celebrated our 45th anniversary, we looked back over the years at our work and the people who partnered with us to fulfill our promise to children. We also looked ahead at what it’s going to take to make that promise a reality. Our new logo reflects that challenge.

We must be bold.

We must be dynamic.

And we must stay focused on transforming education by putting children first.

Design Elements

The blue and orange colors were first introduced in our new website launched over a year ago. They work together to express both dependability and energy.

The logo features IDRA’s initials, as many refer to us as I-D-R-A or more affectionately, as i-dra.

The crossbar of the A, keeps the flag motif from our previous two logos and points to our future.

The Transforming Education text emphasizes how we do our work to affect the lives of children.

And the text, Children First, appears at the top deliberately to signify how all of our decisions are based on what is best for children.

We’re also evolving most of our project logos to be in concert with the main IDRA logo.


Following an internal delineation of our goals for the new logo, designer meetings and draft reviews, we refined the design to its current core. We asked a cross-section of people, some who know IDRA well and some who met us for the first time recently to give us feedback. We are grateful to them for their input!

Logo Files

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50th Anniversary Logo

50th anniversary logo color

IDRA celebrates our 50th anniversary in 2023 and will use this logo to commemorate this milestone.

Logo Files

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