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Sunday, 19 April 2015

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See IDRA’s latest annual report, The Power of Possibility: How IDRA and its partners are changing public education.



IDRA’s book, Courage to Connect: A Quality Schools Action Framework™. See how communities and schools can work together to strengthen their capacity to be successful with all of their students. Visit the book’s web page to get a table of contents, excerpt, related podcasts and other resources related to this book.


We’ve launched the IDRA Newsletter in a mobile-ready e-Letter format! Now you can choose how you want to receive the newsletter, which is also published in print and on the IDRA website. Sign up to get the IDRA Newsletter by email today!





Valuing Teachers – IDRA’s Approach to Professional Development
At IDRA, we develop integrated, research-based professional development experiences to assure that educators have access to innovative strategies in order to solve problems, create solutions, and use best practices to educate all students to high standards. Our valuing professional development model focuses on personalized learning experiences that develop teachers’ knowledge and instructional practice in order to positively impact student learning and the long-term academic success of all students. In this article, Paula Johnson, M.A., illustrates our valuing approach to providing quality educational training experiences for teachers.


Opportunity Matters: The Path to “Equity Literacy” – An interview with scholar and social justice advocate, Dr. Paul C. Gorski
Low-income students make up a “new majority” of children attending U.S. public schools. Yet, while student demographics have changed, deficit views about low-income children and families, in large part, have not. And these perspectives define education policy and practice. Recently, through the IDRA Opportunity Matters Roundtable Series, we examined these issues with guest speaker, Dr. Paul C. Gorski, author of Reaching and Teaching Students in Poverty: Strategies for Erasing the Opportunity Gap. Laurie Posner, MPA, highlights a follow-up interview with Dr. Gorski in this article.



Science and Math Are Students’ Favorite Subjects at Judson ISD as a Result of STEM Initiatives
The Judson school district launched a STEM Initiative collaborative partnership to pursue innovative strategies that enhance learning opportunities and student achievement in mathematics, technology and science in grades 5 and 8. The initiative was funded by the U.S. Department of Defense Education Agency. Felix Montes, Ph.D., and Deborah Rice, project director of the Judson ISD DoDEA grant, share highlights from IDRA’s evaluation of the program for the 2013-14 school year, finding that 55.9 percent chose science as their favorite subject and 44.1 percent named mathematics as the most popular subject in a survey of 533 students attending six schools participating in the program.


Latest issue of the IDRA Newsletter Focusing on Valuing & Asset-Based Solutions
Take a look at our latest newsletter with articles about valuing & asset-based solutions. Effective solutions in education build on strengths and contributions rather than trying to “fix” students, families, teachers and communities. In this issue: Judson ISD’s successful STEM Initiative; an interview with scholar and social justice advocate, Dr. Paul C. Gorski; Valuing teachers – IDRA’s approach to professional development; and Meet Ms. Laurie Posner, MPA, Director of IDRA’s Civic Engagement Department.



“Civil Rights Update for English Learners” IDRA Classnotes Podcast Episode 150
The U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Justice recently published new guidance regarding education of English language learner students. The January 2015 statement was designed to remind states, school districts and schools of their “obligations under federal law to ensure that English learner students have equal access to a high-quality education and the opportunity to achieve their full academic potential.” Kristin Grayson, Ph.D., an IDRA education associate who works with schools to improve EL student achievement, discusses steps schools and school districts need to take to make sure they are serving ELL students and their families in ways that protect their civil rights as required by law. Kristin is interviewed by Bradley Scott, Ph.D. director of the IDRA South Central Collaborative for Equity.


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