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Product Description

Set of 10 beautifully-illustrated stories and part of IDRA’s Semillitas de aprendizaje series, a unique bilingual (Spanish/English) set of early childhood materials that is based on the art of storytelling. Designed for literacy development with culturally-relevant materials for 3- and 4-year-old children.

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Titles include:

El Curioso Tomás / Curious Tomás *
[ISBN: 978-1-935737-01-8; Paperback, 16 Pages; 2010]

La Chamaca Machaca /  Machaca the Ostrich *
[ISBN: 978-1-935737-03-2; Paperback, 12 Pages; 2010]

El Collar de Margarita / Margarita’s Necklace *
[ISBN: 978-1-935737-05-6; Paperback, 16 Pages; 2010]

Los Números del 1 al 10 y otras Coplas *
[ISBN: 978-1-935737-07-0; Paperback, 20 Pages; 2010]

Jesusita y las Arañas / Jesusita and the Spiders *
[ISBN: 978-1-935737-09-4; Paperback, 16 Pages; 2010]

Confusión en el Circo / Confusion in the Circus **
[ISBN: 978-1-935737-11-7; Paperback, 16 Pages; 2010]

Dos Pollitas Listas / Two Smart Chicks *
[ISBN:  978-1-935737-13-1; Paperback, 16 Pages; 2010]

Mi Abrigo de Verano / My Summer Coat **
[ISBN: 978-1-935737-17-9; Paperback, 16 Pages; 2010]

La Cajita de Primeros Auxilios / The First Aid Kit **
[ISBN: 978-1-935737-19-3; Paperback, 16 Pages; 2010]

El Minero Jorge / Jorge, the Miner *
[ISBN: 978-1-935737-15-5; Paperback, 16 Pages; 2010]

Development Team
Managing Editor and Lead Author: Abelardo Villarreal , Ph.D., IDRA

Contributing Authors: Oralia H. Lamas ; Rosana G. Rodríguez, Ph.D., IDRA

Illustrators: Thelma Muraida * and Clockwork Studios**

Early Education Reading Consultants: María Elena “Mari” Riojas Lester ,M.Ed. ; Sylvia R. Manzano, M.A.; José L. Rodríguez, M.A., IDRA; Bradley Scott, Ph.D., IDRA

Spanish Language Editor: Amalia Mondríguez, Ph.D.

English Language Editor: Christie Goodman, APR

One set of the Big Books is included in the classroom set.

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