Chief Science Officer Students Determined to Promote STEM Despite School Closures

COVID-19 School Response Webinar

IDRA’s Texas Chief Science Officer students have an inspirational message to share how they have been coping with COVID-19 challenges and distance learning. These youth STEM ambassadors have not stopped their work to enrich a STEM culture despite their school and community closures. Instead, they have insightful perspectives on how they have been navigating these challenges, how they have stayed connected, and how they keep innovating and creating during this time. Join us as we elevate student voices and share their student success stories.

Join Dr. Stephanie Garcia, director of IDRA’s Texas Chief Science Officer program, with special guest students:

  • CSO Isela, 12th Grade, McCollum High School, Harlandale ISD
  • CSO Shreya, 10th Grade, Keystone School
  • CSO Elizabeth, 8th Grade, Northeast ISD STEM Academy (Nimitz MS)

See Webinar Slidedeck.


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When: May 5, 2020
Time: 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm CDT
Location: Online