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Everyone Counts – 2020 Census

Critically, the census results determine the allocation of $675 billion in federal funding for public schools and universities. Schools are particularly vulnerable to the funding shortfalls if there is an undercount. Educators and community groups can help spread the word on the importance of the census and help dispel myths on the decennial count. To help tool your advocacy, see the resources here to equip you in your census conversations with others in your community.

The U.S. Census Bureau’s sudden decision to cut short its population counting window jeopardizes the future of millions of youth. The Census Bureau has always had a problem with undercounting marginalized populations, which impacts distribution of critical education dollars and political representation. The 2020 Census had the added burden of operating in the midst of a pandemic.

By eliminating a whole month of counting as schools reopen, an undercount of crisis levels is practically certain.

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