What Every Teacher Should Know about Migrant Students: The Harvest of Hope is in Your Hands




CD & Resource Guide for Teachers of Migrant Students

This interactive CD and guide for teachers of migrant students provides informative and brimming with emotive photographs, poetry, heartfelt narration and resources, this CD features the insights of a migrant student, a teacher and an administrator about effective teaching and learning.

It shares how to build on existing student successes and how to use best practices to provide a rigorous curriculum and meaningful support. Stay up to date with links to web and other resources on migrant program requirements, state standards, and key migrant student initiatives and strategies.

Features: CD has options to either listen to the audio or turn it off for read-only. This CD and accompanying guide may be incorporated into professional development sessions or can be for individual teacher use.


Product Description

(No ISBN; Brochure: Paperback, 16 Pages; 2006; $25.00)

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