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Creating Leadership Opportunities for Students – Podcast Episode 30 | Podcast Episode 30

Classnotes Podcast (March 13, 2008) In building a student council and other leadership groups, school leaders generally select students with the best grades and attendance. It is seen as a reward. But middle school teacher of migrant students Jerry de la Garza believes that all students can be leaders. As his school’s teacher coordinator for the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program, Jerry discusses how giving leadership opportunities to students who are considered at risk of dropping out leads to great transformations. Jerry is interviewed by Juanita García, Ph.D., an IDRA education associate.

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Show length: 11:28


Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program
Overview of the program and its philosophy, research-based design, program elements, evaluation design, recognition and awards, and getting started at your school.

“Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program – Strengthening Student Connections with School”
by Linda Cantú, Ph.D., IDRA Newsletter

National Association of Student Council

“School Connectedness – Strengthening Health and Education Outcomes for Teenagers”
By Robert Wm. Blum and Heather P. Libbey, Journal of School Health

“What Kinds of Benefits Students Have From Participating in Extracurricular Activities?
By Francisco Peixoto, paper presented at the Third International Bienniel SELF Research Conference, Berlin

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Show Notes

  • Host Juanita García, Ph.D., an IDRA education associate, interviews Jerry de la Garza, a middle school teacher of migrant students and teacher coordinator for the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program in South Texas.

  • Jerry describes his campus community and his role at the school.

  • Jerry talks about the Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program on his campus, including its focus on migrant students.

  • Jerry explains his Coca-Cola Valued Youth students’ involvement in school council and their emergence as leaders at the school.

  • Jerry shares some individual student success stories.

  • Jerry offers his recommendations for schools and teachers working with at-risk students.