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PTA Comunitarios are Born in their Communities – Podcast Episode 144 | Classnotes Podcast 144

Hector BojorquezClassnotes Podcast (August 25, 2014) The national PTA president, Otha Thornton, recently visited several PTA Comunitarios in the Texas Rio Grande Valley and then, at the PTA national convention, presented an award to them for their work to improve schools in their communities. As this new model of parent engagement is sweeping across South Texas, others around the country are curious. In an earlier Classnotes podcast episode on how to start a PTA Comunitario, we outlined the three main phases. In this episode, Aurelio M. Montemayor, M.Ed., IDRA senior education associate, and IDRA education associates Frances Guzmán, M.Ed. and Hector Bojorquez explore the first phase of establishing in a community base.

Show length: 14:29

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Show Notes

  • Aurelio recaps Otha Thornton’s visit with several PTA Comunitarios in South Texas in May 2014, and then his remarks a month later upon presenting the Cesar Chavez ARISE Comunitario PTA with a presidential award.

  • Frances shares how IDRA works with grassroots organizations to first establish new PTA Comunitarios, and Hector explains why these organizations must be truly rooted in the communities they serve.

  • Frances talks about the “shared responsibility” approach between the grassroots organization and the PTA Comunitario, and how it ultimately benefits children, their families, and the schools.

  • Aurelio identifies the three objectives of the Investing in Innovation grant project that tracks the impact of the PTA Comunitarios.

  • Hector and Frances highlight how the IDRA OurSchool Portal helps inform and connect parents around easy-to-understand data for their schools and surrounding districts, and then empowering them to take meaningful action based on that information.