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The Law in Education – U.S. Supreme Court Update – Podcast Episode 231 | Classnotes Podcast 231

Podcast 231 boxClassnotes Podcast (December 8, 2022). The 2021-22 session of the U.S. Supreme Court left on imprint on education through a number or rulings, including some that were not technically education cases. Paige Duggins-Clay, J.D., IDRA’s chief legal analyst, discusses what happened in the last term and what the court’s most recent decisions might mean for the future of educational equity. She also considers the face of the court with Justice Brown Jackson’s presence. In this episode, Paige is joined by IDRA policy communications strategist and form IDRA education policy fellow, Thomas Marshall III, M.Ed., as they

outline the big takeaways from the court’s rulings in Carson v Makin, Kennedy v Bremerton School District, New York State Rifle and Pistol Association Inc. v Bruen and Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health.

Show length: 29:32 min

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U.S. Supreme Court Overview – Cases Impacting Education in 2022, slide deck by Paige Duggins-Clay, J.D.

IDRA Files Amicus Brief in Fifth Circuit on Behalf of Student, Business and Higher Education Organizations in a Reckless Case Challenging Texas Tuition Laws – Injunction Could Cost Universities Millions, Reduce Funds for Academics and Supports for Texas Students, August 5, 2022

Supreme Court Should Reaffirm Diversity as Compelling Interest, Uphold Holistic College Admissions – IDRA Signs onto Amicus Brief Spotlighting Student Voices Urging the Court Not to Censor their Racial and Ethnic Identity in College Applications, August 4, 2022

Supreme Court Further Erodes Separation of Church and State in Public Schools – Public School Employees Should Not Elevate Any Faith Over Another, June 28, 2022

Supreme Court Allows Use of Public Funds for Religious Instruction, Giving License to State-Subsidized Discrimination, June 22, 2022

IDRA Amicus Brief in Fisher v. UT, November 5, 2015

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Show Notes

  • Paige talks about the significance of the Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson appointment and considers how she could impact future decisions and actions of the Supreme Court.

  • Paige outlines trends that emerged from the court’s rulings in its 2021-2022 term, including a greater willingness to overturn past rulings and precedents, an erosion of the separation of church and state, and an increased reliance on “originalism.”

  • Paige walks through four key recent decisions by the court and discusses the influence those rulings could have on educational equity.

  • Paige previews three cases in the Supreme Court’s current docket that IDRA is watching.