Today, wealthier school districts are still able to generate more money for their schools. Making matters worse, measures passed by the Texas Legislature in 2005 and 2006 further increased inequity and took us back a decade.

Continuing minimal state funding has put increasing pressure on schools to raise local taxes or cut staff and programs.

Disparities in per student funding have doubled in Texas
, leaving millions of children in schools with severely limited resources for qualified teachers, up-to-date curriculum and basic supplies.

was headed in the right direction until the last two legislative sessions when revisions made to the school funding plan eroded equity among
Texas schools. See IDRA’s publication, The Status of school Finance Equity in Texas – A 2009 Update, for more information on school funding in Texas and changes that are needed.

We cannot settle for anything less than excellence for all Texas
children. We must have fair funding for the common good.

Why Fair Funding
Before Fair Funding
Fairer Funding for Education
Where We Are Now