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IDRA provides training and customized technical assistance that supports educators in offering African American Studies courses in Texas public schools. We testified before the Texas State Board of Education to support adoption of African American Studies in the state.

Why African American Studies?

Research shows that ethnic studies courses lead to improved:

  • standardized test scores;
  • graduation rates;
  • college attendance rates; and
  • academic mindsets.

African American Studies is much more than just a text or any number of books. It is a belated clarion-call to give children a fuller and truer sense of history. It is also a way for schools to give proof positive about the immense contribution of African Americans to who we are as a country.

Professional Development Services

IDRA provides training and customized technical assistance that supports educators in offering African American Studies and Mexican American Studies courses in Texas public schools. IDRA’s professional development covers a range of topics for all grades. Training topics can include the teaching of content-specific African American Studies courses and/or tools educators can use to incorporate cultural sustainability into any curriculum. We are committed to meeting the customized needs of each district and offer on-site technical assistance, model teaching, observations and feedback and an online community of practice.

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Services include:

  • Planning for African American Studies-dedicated courses
  • Curriculum and lesson planning for integrating African American Studies in subjects including social studies, history, literature and fine arts
  • Best practices for elementary and secondary instruction
  • Research-based professional development training
  • Team training
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Partnering with families.

With an unwavering commitment to student success, IDRA services provide innovative, practical and sustainable solutions for diverse student populations based on the unique needs of each district, campus or classroom.

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