Educator and Student Support

College Readiness – Preparation for Underserved Students of Color – Webinar

This webinar highlights the challenges schools and districts face in expanding college access and ensuring college readiness, and it will provide research-based strategies for addressing the needs of underserved students of color in becoming college-ready.

Featuring visiting scholar is Dr. Cristóbal Rodríguez, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in the School of Education at Howard University and is an expert on equity and access throughout the academic pipeline. Panelists: Dr. Scott Fritz, Chief of Staff, Teaching, Leading & Learning School District of Osceola County, Florida; Dr. Morcease J. Beasley, Superintendent, Clayton County Public Schools; Dr. Nyla Bell, Senior Education Equity Specialist, MAEC – Center for Education Equity; Hector Bojorquez, Director of Operations, IDRA.

This resource is part of the IDRA College Preparation – Online Technical Assistance Toolkit.