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Interrupting Bullying & Harassment in Schools Equity Assistance

Safe, Friendly and Learning Supportive Spaces

Bullying prevention does not happen without deliberate action.

This IDRA Interrupting Bullying & Harassment in Schools – Online Technical Assistance Toolkit is designed to give educators and school leaders the tools that they need to prevent bullying and harassment by fostering a positive school climate.

This package includes five chapters, each with a video and supporting resources.

Chapter 1: We Want Our Schools to Be Safe and Friendly

This introduction provides a brief bullying and harassment overview along with highlights about its prevalence and impact, causes, special considerations...

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Chapter 2: School Leadership

This chapter provides research-based guidelines for local data collection and analysis; school-level strategies; community-level strategies; and individual-level strategies.

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Chapter 3: Teachers Are Essential to Providing Safety and Trust

This chapter provides classroom-level strategies and an educator checklist.

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Bullying and Harassment in Schools – Literature Review, Second Edition

In order to ensure that all students have access to the everyday activities and lessons of school, educators must work...

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Interrupting Bullying & Harassment in Schools Educator Checklist

This list outlines seven areas of focus for developing your own set of actions, determining your assets and challenges, and...

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