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Serving Emergent Bilingual Students Equity Assistance

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Emergent bilingual students should have the same opportunities to succeed academically as their English-speaking classmates.

Bilingual education programs are designed to increase English proficiency in students while providing instruction in their native language recognizing that students’ academic skills and knowledge transfer between languages.

This IDRA Serving Emergent Bilingual Students – Online Technical Assistance Toolkit guides educators with an introductory overview of emergent bilingual students and programs to serve them.

Emergent Bilingual Learner Education – Literature Review

Schools are required by the U.S. Constitution, federal and state legislation, and court rulings to ensure equity and excellent education...

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Chapter 1 – Serving Emergent Bilingual Students – Introduction

This video gives a short introduction to the student population served in bilingual and ESL programs across the country by...

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Chapter 2 – Funding Bilingual Education and ESL Programs

Increased funding contributes to both improved student performance and lifetime outcomes, especially for underserved students. This funding pays for such...

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Chapter 3 – Types of Bilingual & ESL Programs

Research shows that placing emergent bilingual students with their native-speaking peers promotes English development and can help emergent bilingual students...

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Chapter 4 – Second Language Acquisition and Asset-Based Approaches

There are a number of ways to support the language and literacy development of emergent bilingual students that also enables...

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Chapter 5 – Educators, Parents & Student on the Value of Bilingualism

In this final video chapter, hear from teachers, parents and a bilingual student as they discuss benefits of bilingual education,...

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Building Equitable Learning Environments for Emergent Bilinguals – Webinar

Asset-based approaches to teaching emergent bilingual students include creating a school culture that welcomes the linguistic and cultural resources of...

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Translanguaging Workshop Series – Webinars

This six-part series on Translanguaging for Social Justice was held during the IDRA EAC-South virtual convening, June 2022. Translanguaging for...

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Featured Classnotes Podcast Episodes on Serving Emergent Bilingual Students

English Learners and the New ESSA Law – Podcast Episode 163 3 ELL Scaffolding Strategies – Podcast Episode 160 A...

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