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Socioeconomic-Based Strategies for Racial Integration Equity Assistance

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More than ever before, social science research identifies an array of academic and social benefits for students stemming from learning in integrated educational settings, which is even more beneficial for younger students.

This IDRA Socioeconomic-Based Strategies for Racial Integration – Online Technical Assistance Toolkit provides research and strategies to pursue the integration of K-12 schools.

Using Socioeconomic-Based Strategies to Further Racial Integration in K-12 Schools – Literature Review

By Dr. Erica Frankenberg for IDRA This paper surveys the landscape of K-12 integration strategies to understand what is being...

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Research-Based State and School District Strategies to Create and Maintain Integrated K-12 Schools

By Dr. Erica Frankenberg for IDRA Maintaining racially and economically integrated schools is crucial in fostering an equitable education environment...

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Set of School Integration Literature Review Summaries and Bibliography

By the Poverty & Race Research Action Council for IDRA The connection between housing, education and transportation policy is linked...

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