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Educators across the country know the urgency of increasing STEM participation and performance by race and gender.

This need is reflected by a dismal STEM pipeline that traces back to states’ uneven investment in high-quality STEM programs that effectively prepare girls and students of color with high-quality math and science.

In this IDRA STEM Equity – Online Technical Assistance Package, we show how schools and communities can open pathways for girls and students of color in the curricular pipeline to prepare them for STEM careers.

Chapter 1: A STEM Equity Introduction

This video provides a brief introduction to the components found within each video chapter that follows.

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Chapter 2: A STEM Equity Data Walk

In this video chapter, we take a top-down approach, starting with general STEM education data that funnels down to specific...

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Chapter 3: Barriers to STEM Equity

We will dive into a deeper discussion of the barriers found within STEM education. We identify barriers and inequities situated...

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Chapter 4: Recommendations for STEM Equity

Lastly, we will discuss best practices for STEM educators in K-12 settings to set up all students for success. All...

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eBook: Girls and STEM Education – Research Overview and Resources

This eBook explores the intersection between science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, particularly computer science and girls. Historically, women...

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eBook: Computer Science Resources Overview

The following are guides, programs, resource lists, or models to help schools integrate computer science both in and outside the...

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Computer Science = Problem Solving – Infographic

Computer science is about logic, problem-solving, and creativity. It teaches students how to think differently about problems they are trying...

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STEM Education Trends – Infographic

There is a disconnect between taking STEM courses in high school and pursuing related college majors. Males and females are both...

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STEM Equity – Classnotes Podcast Episodes

STEM Journeys of Two Young Women of Color – Part 1 – Podcast Episode 218 STEM Journeys of Two Young...

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STEM Equity – IDRA Newsletter Articles

Strategies for Increasing Girls’ Participation in STEM School-Based Strategies for Supporting Girls in Technology – With Perspectives from a 14-Year-Old...

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