Implications of Inequitable School Funding – Podcast Episode 68 | Classnotes Podcast 68

Dr Nilka Aviles, Ed.D.Classnotes Podcast (March 12, 2010) Clearly, providing excellent and equitable education requires some level of investment. Good schools need money to pay for school buildings, textbooks and instructional materials, teachers and administrators. And the data show that under-resourced schools tend to be less successful. Yet, our systems still have a hard time ensuring that all students have access to equitably funded schools.

Encarnación Garza, Jr., assistant professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio, shares his perspective of inequitable school funding as an issue of social justice through the eyes of a former school principal and superintendent. Encarnación is interviewed by Nilka Avilés, Ed.D., an IDRA senior education associate.

Show length: 16:02.

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Show Notes

  • Encarnación summarizes how school districts in Texas are funded and the impact that requirement often has on school equity.

  • Encarnación speaks about the unique leadership challenges in property-poor school districts.

  • Encarnación argues that inequitable funding is "irresponsible" and "unethical."

  • Nilka asks whether our nation is at risk because of school funding inequities.

  • Encarnación explains his philosophy of social justice, fairness, access to knowledge, and the need to train future leaders.