Texas Chief Science Officers Program

CSOs in Action

IDRA Texas CSOs serve as STEM ambassadors in their school communities

Here are a few highlights of our CSOs in action.

CSO Shreya, a 10th grader, created a Discord BellBot for her peers who are studying at home to alert them, as a school bell would, to transition to the next subject’s coursework. It also gives them quick links to their teacher’s online platforms and assignments and allows students to document each day’s homework. Shreya attends Keystone School.

Eighth-grader CSO Elizabeth and her team at NEISD STEM Academy are finalists in their digital inclusion project for the SA Smart: The Mayor’s K-12 Smart City Challenge. The challenge asked for ideas to solve the city’s 38% digital divide. Their idea is to increase sales tax to push funding to communities who need digital inclusion resources. Winners will be announced later this month.

“We’re proud to foster students’ discovery of STEM pathways and make an important global program available to Texas students,” said IDRA President & CEO Celina Moreno. “Our CSO program amplifies voices of underserved students as they advocate STEM in their schools.”

CSO Ian’s original action plan was to lead a STEMonstration for his youth group, which of course could not happen once COVID-19 closures began. Instead, he led a virtual STEMonstration via Zoom. He and a friend created a DIY (do it yourself) water coagulation kit using household materials to build a circuit board, creating an electric current that purifies polluted water. Ian is an eighth grader in Cornerstone Christian Schools Online.

In addition to her STEM work for school, CSO Alicia focused on her family by teaching her little sister how to build and operate robots. Alicia is a seventh grader at Dwight STEM Academy in South San Antonio ISD.

Videos: Student Panelists & Keynoters – Future Inventors, Innovators and Entrepreneurs, at the STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice Convening, March 2, 2020. Two CSO students were among the six speakers.

Videos: Students in our end-of-year showcase with highlights from this year.


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