Feb NL2024 coverFebruary 2024 Issue of the IDRA Newsletter – This Issue’s Focus: Education Research

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Mexican American Studies – A Deep Look by High School Students, by Marcela Hernández, Jonas Lokensgard & Hannah Rosales

Embedding Social-Emotional Learning into Student-Serving Programs, by Stephanie García, Ph.D.

IDRA Youth Advisory Board Members Study Culturally Responsive Teaching and School Discipline, by Christina Quintanilla-Muñoz, M.Ed.


IDRA VisionCoders program

The IDRA Valued Youth Partnership Turns 40! See How VYP Improves Attendance & Socio-Emotional Learning

Resources for Cultural and Ethnic Studies

 IDRA Ethnic Studies Online Technical Assistance Package

Infographic: 5 Tips for Organizing a High School Student-Led Ethnic Studies Advocacy Group

Video: Student research highlights presentation, Culturally Responsive Education and School Discipline in Texas Schools: A Mixed-Methods Case Study

January 2024 Issue of the IDRA Newsletter – This Issue’s Focus: College Readiness and Success

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Texas School Counselors Point to Troubling State of College Advising – IDRA Studies the Role of Middle School Counselors in Supporting Students’ College Readiness

Texas’ Ban on College Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Offices Takes Effect, by Chloe Latham Sikes, Ph.D.

Encouraging STEM Pathways through Student and Teacher Experiences, by Stephanie Garcia, Ph.D.

IDRA Priorities for the 2024 Georgia General Assembly Session


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Infographic: Understanding Texas’s DEI Ban at Public Universities

Infographic: More Ready Texas – IDRA study shows counselor concerns about the state’s graduation requirements

Report: School Counselors on College Advising Constraints – A Ready Texas Study

Data dashboard: Math and Science Course Offerings in Texas

Infographic from IDRA’s earlier study showing rural districts lost 24% in Algebra II enrollment

Podcast Episode: Student Leaders Surprise Teachers – Podcast Episode 240

Podcast Episode: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants – Podcast Episode 239