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In ethnic studies courses and lessons, students study histories, experiences, cultures and issues of race, ethnicity and indigeneity with a focus on the experiences and perspectives of people of color in the United States.

Ethnic studies gives students many benefits, from social-emotional learning to college, career and community readiness.

This IDRA Ethnic Studies – Online Technical Assistance Toolkit is designed to provide educators tools and resources for implementing ethnic studies in K-12 schools. It includes a literature review, webinar sessions, articles, podcasts and other resources.

Literature Review – Ethnic Studies Best Practices

The call for ethnic studies courses is part of long-standing advocacy for inclusion and equity in public history and social...

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Building a SET Curriculum for Ethnic Studies – Webinar

Building a SET Curriculum for Ethnic Studies: Incorporating Scholarship, Experiential Learning and Travel This session will begin with an introduction...

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Developing Racial Literacy for Teaching Ethnic Studies – Webinar

This session is designed for teachers and teacher leaders of ethnic studies courses who want to develop pedagogical expertise in...

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Approaches to Building Culturally Sustaining Educational Environments through Ethnic Studies – Webinar

Ethnic studies courses have many benefits, such as social-emotional learning and college, career and community readiness, especially when co-constructed with...

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Mexican American Studies – Recentering Student Identities and Well-being – Webinar

This session will focus on Mexican American Studies as a humanizing practice for teachers, students and the communities they both...

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Teacher and Family Observations on Ethnic Studies & Tips for Organizing in Support of Ethnic Studies – Webinar

Part I – Teacher and Family Observations on Ethnic Studies (interview findings). Part II – Tips for Organizing in Support...

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How to Effectively Implement Ethnic Studies Curriculum in the Wake of Classroom Censorship Sentiment – Webinar

Presenters from the Georgia Educators for Equity and Justice, Inc., discussed: What is ethnic studies? How to advocate for an...

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Featured Infographics on Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies Can be Life-Changing – Infographic Offer Cultural Studies Courses in Your School in Georgia Enroll Your Child in...

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Featured Classnotes Podcast Episodes on Ethnic Studies

Skills Needed for Teaching in Diverse Classrooms – Podcast Episode 173 Nurturing Courageous Critical Conversations in the Classroom – Podcast...

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