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Learning from Latino and Multilingual Youth – Podcast Episode 235 | Classnotes Podcast 235

Podcast 235Classnotes Podcast (July 30, 2023). Jonathan Peraza Campos, M.S., speaks with Dr. Jyoti Kaneria and doctoral candidate Emily Lemon about their community-engaged research and the implications it can have in the classroom and policymaking spaces. In their conversation, they discover similarities in how their own experience was central to their work. Based in Georgia, both have been organizers, educators, and researchers pertaining to Latino youth, multilingual learners, culturally responsive and sustaining pedagogies, ethnic studies, immigration policy, and mental health.

Emily “Em” Lemon, is a doctoral candidate in behavioral, social, and health education sciences in the Rollins School of Public Health at Emory University. A. Jyoti Kaneria, Ph.D., is a Remezcla-IDEI Postdoctoral Fellow, in the Institute Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Georgia Institute of Technology. Jonathan Peraza Campos, M.S., is a Georgia educator-organizer who served as an Education Policy Fellow with IDRA in 2022-23.

Show length: 28:06 min.

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Show Notes

  • Jyoti and Em discuss how their personal backgrounds have shaped their work.

  • Em describes her dissertation research on the impact of immigration policy on Latino youth mental health.

  • Jyoti talks about her teaching/research collaboration with Jonathan and the power of education programs where Latino students actually see their own cultural and linguistic heritage reflected.

  • Joyti and Em close with curriculum and pedagogical recommendations.