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Digital Equity Assistance

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Solutions for bridging the digital divide are more nuanced than simply providing students with devices and troubleshooting connectivity issues. Students, their families, and their teachers must also feel confident with navigating the digital landscape safely.

This IDRA Digital Equity – Online Technical Assistance Toolkit is designed to introduce community stakeholders to the conversation around digital equity and invite school leaders to consider how schools can make informed decisions about increasing students’ access to broadband Internet, computer technologies, and the digital skills training necessary for supporting their educational success.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Digital Equity

This first chapter video provides a short introduction to digital equity, what it is and why it is important, and...

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Chapter 2: Using a Digital Equity Audit

This second chapter video explores what a digital equity audit is and how this tool can support school leaders in...

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Chapter 3: Digital Literacy & Misinformation

In today’s ever-changing technological world, it is essential that students understand how to navigate the Internet successfully.

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Chapter 4: Advancing Digital Equity with Data

This package’s fourth chapter focuses on advancing digital equity with data by providing a comprehensive overview on the topics of...

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Digital Divide: Connectivity, Infrastructure and Devices – Webinar Recording

Get practical solutions to addressing the digital divide for your students. This webinar explores immediate and sustainable long-term strategies that...

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Tools & Tips to Alleviate the Homework Gap

The homework gap is not a new problem. But with the move to system-wide distance learning, it’s not just a...

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How a School District Tackled the Digital Divide

Hear how San Antonio ISD faced the digital divide to ensure learning continued for their students during COVID-19. Eva Mendoza,...

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