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IDRA Newsletter 2001

Recess Provides Cognitive Social and Psychomotor Opportunities for Growth

Apr 07, 2001

• by Yojani Fatima Hernández • IDRA Newsletter • April 2001 As a child in elementary school I looked forward to recess with … read more

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Boosting Our Understanding of Bilingual Education: A Refresher on Philosophy and Models

Apr 03, 2001

• by Adela Solís, Ph.D.• IDRA Newsletter • April 2001 Bilingual education is a simple label, its formal definition not difficult to … read more

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Brain Development and Mastery of Language in the Early Childhood Years

Apr 03, 2001

• by Elaine Shiver, M.S.S.W. • IDRA Newsletter • April 2001 Parents of young children and professionals working with young children watch with … read more

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My Magnificent Twenty

Apr 01, 2001

• by José A. Cárdenas, Ed.D. • IDRA Newsletter • April 2001 The following article is excerpted from “All Pianos Have Keys and … read more

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Coming of Age

Mar 03, 2001

• by Bradley Scott, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • March 2001 The discussion about educational equity and school reform has been going on … read more

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Community and Parent Involvement in Education

Mar 02, 2001

• by Micaela Díaz-Sánchez • IDRA Newsletter • March 2001 September 2000 marked the 50-year anniversary of Dr. José A. Cárdenas’ life as … read more

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Transitions from Schools to College – Getting There from Here

Mar 01, 2001

• by Albert Cortez, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • March 2001 The fact that we are still discussing and focusing on Latino student … read more

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Accountability- National Research Council

Feb 05, 2001

• IDRA Newsletter • February 2001 National Research Council Accountability is one of the most prominent issues in education policy today. … read more

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Use of Tests When Making High-Stakes Decisions for Students

Feb 03, 2001

• by Bradley Scott, MA • IDRA Newsletter • February 2001 The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) of the U.S. Department of Education … read more

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The Missing Piece of the Puzzle: Opportunities to Learn

Feb 02, 2001

• by Pam McCollum, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • February 2001 Teresa López is a 17-year-old student from Mexico who arrived in Houston … read more

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Once Texas’ Lowest Ranking School, Fox Tech High School Wins the National Blue Ribbon

Feb 01, 2001

• by Rogelio López del Bosque, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • February 2001 Five years ago, Louis W. Fox Technical High School was … read more

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Who’s Accountable?

Jan 04, 2001

• by R. McIntire and J.T. Fessenden • IDRA Newsletter • January 2001 In the self-directed school, the principal is presented with … read more

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ENLACE Enters Phase II to Promote Higher Education for Latino Youth

Jan 03, 2001

• IDRA Newsletter • January 2001 The W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Engaging Latino Communities for Education (ENLACE) initiative is entering its next … read more

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Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program in Brazil: Valuing Youth Across Different Cultures

Jan 02, 2001

• by Felix Montes, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • January 2001 The IDRA Coca-Cola Valued Youth Program is a cross-age tutoring program designed … read more

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Challenges and Strategies for Principals of Low-Performing Schools

Jan 01, 2001

• by Abelardo Villarreal, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • January 2001 School principals are challenged to create the climate, structures and practices for … read more

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Missing: Texas Youth – Cost of School Dropouts Escalates

Nov 30, 1999

Roy L. Johnson, M.S. The cumulative costs of students leaving public high school prior to graduation with a diploma are … read more

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Missing: Texas Youth– Dropout and Attrition Rates in Texas Public High Schools (An Excerpt)

Jan 03, 1999

• IDRA Newsletter • January 1999 Missing: Texas Youth – Dropout and Attrition Rates in Texas Public High Schools presents an … read more

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