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IDRA Newsletter 1995

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Dec 31, 1995

November- December 1995 IDRA Newsletter Articles “Teachers and Instructional Technology: Wise and Foolish Choices,” by Laura Chris Green, Ph.D. “Accessing … read more

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Teachers and Instructional Technology: Wise or Foolish Choices

Nov 01, 1995

• by Laura Chris Green, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • November-December 1995 In 1911, Thomas Edison, inventor of the magic lantern, predicted that … read more

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Why Bilingual Education is Important to Me

Aug 02, 1995

• IDRA Newsletter • August 1995 Each of these essays was among the top three winners in the 1994 National Association … read more

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Blessed With Bilingual Brains: Is it a Fact or a False Belief?

Aug 01, 1995

• by Frank Gonzales, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • August 1995 The recent Oscar-nominee movie, Nell, with Jodie Foster in the title role, … read more

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Grading LEP Students: Developing Sound Practice

May 01, 1995

• by Adela Solís, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • May 1995 Grading and report cards are the tools by which school districts have … read more

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Parents As First Teachers: Creating An Enriched Home Learning Environment

Apr 01, 1995

• by Abelardo Villarreal, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • April 1995 By the end of the first semester of second grade, Emilio was … read more

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Preventing Sexual Harassment in Schools: A Pro-active Agenda

Mar 02, 1995

• by Michaela Penny-Velázquez, M.A. • IDRA Newsletter • March 1995 Sexual harassment is a problem that occurs in schools throughout the nation, … read more

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Declaration: Children First

Mar 01, 1995

• IDRA Newsletter • March 1995 In January of 1995, to the dismay of poor school districts in Texas and of … read more

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Teaching Content Subjects to LEP Students: 20 Tips for Teachers

Feb 02, 1995

• by Frank Gonzales, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • February 1995 A major goal of mathematics and science instruction is to develop students’ … read more

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Accelerating Content Area Gains for English Language Learners

Feb 01, 1995

• by Laura Chris Green, Ph.D. • IDRA Newsletter • February 1995 The ability of any nation to compete successfully in a global … read more

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The Fourth Generation of Desegregation and Civil Rights

Jan 02, 1995

• by Bradley Scott, M.A. • IDRA Newsletter • January 1995 In the September 1990 issue of the IDRA Newsletter my article, “In … read more

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Bilingual Intelligence Testing

Jan 01, 1995

• by José A. Cárdenas, Ed.D. • IDRA Newsletter • January 1995 The following article was written by Dr. José A. Cárdenas around … read more

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