Services for Educators

On an annual basis, IDRA provides on-site training and technical assistance to thousands of teachers and students across the country and to more than 1,600 school districts and other groups. With an unwavering commitment to student success, our services provide innovative, practical and sustainable solutions for the schools that need them most. IDRA’s professional development services reflect a thorough knowledge of curriculum and assessment standards, national standards such as the NCTM math, the TESOL ESL, and the ISTE technology standards.

We’re here to help! IDRA’s professional staff members are:
Skilled – trainers that design and implement top notch workshops with proven results
Prepared  hold graduate and doctoral degrees in reading, math, bilingual education and educational administration
Bilingual – fluent and literate in English and Spanish
Experienced – teachers and administrators with years of bilingual and ESL classroom and administrative experience

“I feel that I have gained so much more knowledge, skills and new strategies for teaching from people who have been in the classroom and taught for 15-plus years. In all my years of teaching…I can’t think of a time when pre-service training or any other training met the expectations this project has made.”
– Teacher, Central Texas 

IDRA delivers services on site and online. Based on the unique needs of your district, campus or classroom, our staff integrates multimedia technologies and web resources and activities in on-site technical assistance, workshops, and coaching and mentoring activities. IDRA staff demonstrates and teaches educators technology integration models in the planning, communication and delivery of education. In addition to online resources, IDRA workshops include CDs and DVDs with static and dynamic files that include documents, multimedia applications, video and audio. Tailored to meet the needs of each school, IDRA also can support the design and production of multimedia applications and technology-infused learning models.

IDRA is committed to a valuing philosophy: we respect the knowledge and skills of the teachers we work with, model continually how educators can identify assets and build on the strengths of the students and parents in their schools.

See IDRA’s latest annual report, Keeping the Promise – Putting Children First – Equal Educational Opportunity for Every Child Through Strong Public Schools (or view the pdf)

Instructional Strategies for Building Inferencing Skills – IDRA Services

Three-Day Literacy Learning Series See pdf flier IDRA conducted research on the reading test questions that a high percentage of students miss across grade levels. We found that students were having difficulty with questions that require a high level of...

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Schoolwide Project Based Learning – IDRA Services

See pdf flier What does project based learning look like? Classrooms with students working collaboratively in self-directed groups Students giving constructive criticism and positive feedback to each other Students presenting to the city council, local officials or to industry professionals...

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Evaluation, Research and Needs Assessment – IDRA Services

IDRA is nationally-recognized as a reliable, efficient and cost-effective contractor in the field of evaluation and research. Through IDRA’s research-based evaluation work, educators and other program implementers can assess and document project outcomes using qualitative and quantitative methods and improve...

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Parent Involvement and Leadership Development

Target Audience Spanish-speaking parents of school-age children   Parent Needs Addressed Parents want their children to grow up to be happy, successful, productive adults. Many parents, however, may not know how to navigate and negotiate the educational system. They may,...

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ESL and Bilingual Education

Language Acquisition in Diverse Classrooms Focusing on Language and Academic Instructional Renewal (FLAIR) Increase cognitive growth and academic achievement in reading for all students, including linguistically diverse students, through an intensive language-across-the-curriculum program. This professional development model helps teachers transform...

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IDRA Re-energizing Leadership to Achieve Greater Student Success Project

IDRA's Re-energizing Leadership to Achieve Greater Student Success project will transform instruction schoolwide using promising practices to strengthen student learning and build school-community collaboration. Promising Practices Master Teachers to Become Principals – Participating school districts will select, prepare and certify...

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IDRA School TurnAround and Reenergizing for Success (STAARS) Leaders Project

IDRA’s School TurnAround and Reenergizing for Success (STAARS) Leaders project is a unique model for school improvement that focuses on cohesive, meaningful change for struggling schools through mentoring and supporting campus leadership. The project is funded by a three-year grant...

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Engagement-Based Sheltered Instruction – IDRA Services

Are your English language learners meeting state standards and passing required tests? IDRA’s new research-based sheltered instruction model can assist you in improving the academic success of your English language learners. The model focuses on student engagement. Engagement in the...

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Math and Science Education

Math Smart!™ “IDRA is the reason we are off of AYP; now we can breathe and focus on our next goal: increasing the number of kids in higher level math.” — Principal, South Texas , 2007 Energize student learning in...

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Set Up a Makerspace at Your School – IDRA Services

See pdf flier Build a maker-centered learning community! Turn your campus into innovative learning community through student-centered making and creating See how your students benefit from making and creating artifacts of learning using technology and 21st century tools Empower your...

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Transitions to Teaching – IDRA Project

Empowering Teachers to Serve Today’s Classrooms Preparing a New Generation of Teachers for Science, Technology, Math and Special Education Teachers Learning and Leading, In Community Across the South, public schools need skilled, committed teachers, who are passionate about innovation and...

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College for All – IDRA Services

Meeting the challenges set by school leaders, districts and states requires establishing a college-going culture where the expectation is that all students should enroll in college compatible courses in high school, have opportunities to experience dual credit courses, be college...

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Serving Migrant Students

The lifestyle of migrant families is filled with challenges, opportunities and an ever-present belief that today's work and a good education will provide a better tomorrow. For more than 30 years, the federal government has provided funds to schools to...

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